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Size + Luxury = The 2014 BMW X5

The 2014 BMW X5, a new BMW, has had predecessors on the roadways for fourteen years now.  Of course, when you consider the perfection this vehicle began with and has continued to achieve, it should come as little surprise that this mid-sized SUV continues to be one of the best on the market year after year.  

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A new BMW X5 brings new options!

As a North Carolina BMW dealership, at BMW of Asheville we are quite proud of the BMW X5.  This SUV is the largest vehicle sold by BMW and it has been wildly popular since its conception.  In fact, the vehicle is responsible for developing a whole "X" line of SUVs; today consumers have the choice of the medium sized BMW X3 and smaller BMW X1, both made possible thanks to the success of the BMW X5.

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