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Caring for Your Brakes


When it comes to safety here at your home for BMW pre-owned and new vehicles, we take it pretty seriously. We regularly talk about the safety features of new cars and understand that drivers are always concerned about keeping themselves and their passengers safe. But one thing we've talked about a little less is how to maintain a safe environment years after you've driven off the lot in your new vehicle. Today, we…

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Fuel Saving Tips for Summer Road Trips


For many of us, summer means road trips. With the kids out of school, there’s time now to pack up the car and head out for adventure. Whether you’re driving a BMW 5 Series or a BMW X3, there are a few things most of us can agree on for every road trip: snacks are key, be sure to look out the windows, and try your best to stretch your fuel as far…

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Prepare Your BMW Car for Spring


While we don't get the truly frigid temperatures of the northern part of the country here in North Carolina, there's still a thrill when the chillier air gives way to warmer and spring arrives. There's a sense of renewal in the spring, which has led to one of the most un-glamorous traditions of the season: spring cleaning. But while it might not be the most fun part of the season, here at...

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Winter Driving Safety Tips for North Carolinians

The East Coast is definitely one of the colder regions of the country. With the cold comes wet and potentially even icy roads. As fall ends and winter begins, be sure to be extra safe when on the road. Remember to follow these safety driving practices as the temperature dips.

First, be sure to observe the speed limit and know that the limit pertains to dry roads. You should go about 5 to 10 mph…
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Understand the Warning Lights on Your BMW Car Dashboard

Some lights on your BMW dashboard are pretty self-explanatory, such as the left and right arrows indicting the turn signals are on, or the high beam icon. However, other icons only switch on once in a blue moon to indicate a problem with the vehicle. You may not recognize these symbols due to almost never seeing them. We will explain what some of the common icons on a BMW car dashboard mean.

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Prep Your BMW Vehicle for Spring Weather


Spring is just about here. That is good news for those that aren't exactly a fan of frigid weather. Since the weather is warming, you will also need to change your approach to car care. As a BMW car owner, or future owner, you want to take extra special care of your vehicle. We will outline some spring car care tips now that winter is just about over.

Begin by giving your car a…
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Get Your BMW Car Serviced This Winter

BMW cars are German-made; this is why repairs should be done at our dealership and not at a third-party repair service. Every component from the engine to the computer system is different than the components in an American or Japanese car.

Speaking of vehicle service, winter is here. North Carolina is known for some heavy rainfall and even the occasional snowfall. That translates to slippery and icy roads. Are your car tires in the right…
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