Car maintenance is important for safety, efficiency, and protecting your financial investment. As your certified BMW dealership, we’re here to provide tips and information to assist you in your journey toward being a responsible and happy new car owner, especially when it comes to maintaining necessary vehicle fluids.  

If you’re not familiar with the inner workings of vehicles, you might be surprised by just how many fluids it takes to keep a car running. For the most part, there are seven main fluids that you should pay attention to in order to ensure your vehicle remains running safely and efficiently. 

  • Oil - The most commonly maintained fluid, oil ensures the engine and other parts of your powertrain are properly lubricated.  
  • Radiator fluid - Also known as antifreeze, this fluid keeps your engine cool and protects from overheating.  
  • Transmission fluid - Lubricates the transmission specifically so that your car can smoothly shift from one gear to another.  
  • Power steering fluid - Assists with steering so that turning the wheel back and forth is a smooth, easy movement.  
  • Brake fluid - Prevents unnecessary friction on brake pads and other braking-related mechanisms. 
  • Air conditioning coolant - Makes sure your AC runs cold as it should.  
  • Washer fluid - Not extremely important, but helpful for keeping the windshield clean and free of debris. 

At our BMW service center in Arden, NC, we will gladly top off the various fluids as needed when you come for an oil change or another necessary service. And if you’re having concerns about any specific fluid, come see us for assistance. For those in need of BMW service in the Arden area, schedule an appointment with us at BMW of Asheville.  

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