We’ve all been there – you’re on your way to drop off the kids at school or racing to get to work on time, and you find yourself with the dreaded flat tire! Don’t worry, you’ve got this. In fact, the good news is, many owners of a new BMW vehicle won’t need to worry about changing a flat at all! Most of our new models, like the 2019 BMW 3 Series, come with “run flat” tires – so even if you have a flat, you can drive yourself right to our service center at your home for new and certified pre-owned BMW cars, BMW of Asheville. Even if you don't have run flat tires, there’s still no need to panic.

The first step when you encounter a flat tire is to get to a safe spot, like the shoulder of a highway or a parking lot. Wherever you are, make sure your car is on a flat, paved surface, and engage the emergency brake. 

The next order of business is to find your spare tire, jack, and tire iron. Start by using that L-shaped tire iron to loosen your wheel lugs – this will take a little bit of muscle. Check your owner’s manual to see where and how to jack up your car. Once your tire is off the ground, you can finish loosening the lugs and remove the flat tire completely. 

Getting the spare on can be a challenge since you’ll have to lift it and position it seamlessly over the wheel studs. But once you’ve got it hanging, all that’s left is to put the lugs back on, starting by hand and finishing with the tire iron.

You did it! You’ve got a spare tire safely on. Lower the vehicle to the ground, and head to BMW of Asheville to get your flat tire repaired or replaced. While we excel with our inventory of BMW vehicles for sale, our Asheville, NC area drivers can also count on us to help keep their car running smoothly and safely for years to come.

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