BMW X8 Possibly Eyed for 2020 Launch

If you thought the 2018 BMW X7 was spacious, wait until you see the BMW X8. That is, of course, if it's ever released. The German automaker has confirmed that it is indeed contemplating about releasing a BMW X8, with a possible 2020 launch date.
BMW Head of Development member Klaus Frohlich would not confirm that such a vehicle is under production but did say that there was definitely consideration for an SUV even roomier than the BMW X7. Frohlich also pointed out that most people initially balked at the idea of a BMW X6, as the BMW X5 was deemed sufficient. However, the BMW X6 was released anyways, and it proved to be a success. 
Even if the BMW X8 does come to fruition, it may not see a U.S. release. A larger SUV would definitely fare better in a market like China. 
There is also speculation whether the BMW X8 would simply be a coupe version of the BMW X7. This has traditionally been the case. The BMW X6, for instance, is a coupe version of the BMW X5. The BMW X8 may also be identical as the BMW X7 but with a longer wheelbase. Unlike the BMW X7, which has seven seats, the BMW X8 may potentially just have four or five seats, with a greater emphasis on more legroom and luxury comforts. 
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