BMW 3 Series the Second Biggest Award Winner for Car&Driver

The BMW 3 series has been around for roughly four decades. In that span of time, it has won countless awards, making it a top sedan pick among various auto organizations and clubs.

The BMW 3 series especially had a nice run with vehicle review site Car&Driver. This company has been holding its annual "10 Best Awards" since 1983 and has handed out hundreds of awards to cars across all segments. The BMW 3 series comes in second as holding the most Car&Driver awards.

Out of the 34 ceremonies held by Car&Driver, the BMW 3 series took home awards in 23 of those shows. Most of those awards were won during the vehicle's heyday when it won an award every year from 1992 to 2014. This is currently the longest winning streak.

Even though the streak came to an end in 2014, the German automaker did not walk away empty handed. In that year, the BMW 2 series won its first award. This was followed up with two consecutive wins in 2015 and 2016. Perhaps the BMW 2 series will create its own decade's long winning streak, following the footsteps of its bigger cousin.

The BMW 3 series truly is a standout among the sedan segment. It is so popular, in fact, that a Turkish tech company actually created a real-life Transformer using a BMW 3 series car. 

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