BMW B58 Engine Makes Wards Best Engine List

The BMW B58 engine received a lot of praise last year. It even made Wards Auto's list of 10 Best Engines for 2016. The German automaker did it again this year, making the same list for 2017.

Last year, it was the BMW 340i graced with the B58 engine that was tested, whereas this year it was the BMW M240i. With the engine upgrade for the M240i comes 340 hp, a slight boost from 320 hp with the stock engine. The B58 engine has even received more positive reviews than the upgraded N55 engine, found in the 2016 BMW M2. Others have also compared it to the S55 engine, an upgraded model of the N55 engine and found in the 2016 BMW M3.

Speaking of the N55 engine, that is a top-performing engine in its own right, having won its own Wards Auto award three years in a row from 2011 to 2013.

According to Wards Auto, the BMW B58 made its list because judges found the engine incredibly smooth. It is also much more fuel efficient compared to other four-cylinder turbo engines tested.

The B58 engine is currently available for the 2017 BMW M240i, BMW 340i, BMW 440i, and BMW 540i. In the BMW 540i model, the engine is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. That is very impressive for a car in its segment.

The B58 engine itself is also available in different variations, including in three, four, and six-cylinder configurations. Each cylinder packs 500cc.

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