Get Your BMW Car Serviced This Winter

BMW cars are German-made; this is why repairs should be done at our dealership and not at a third-party repair service. Every component from the engine to the computer system is different than the components in an American or Japanese car.

Speaking of vehicle service, winter is here. North Carolina is known for some heavy rainfall and even the occasional snowfall. That translates to slippery and icy roads. Are your car tires in the right shape to handle the tough road conditions?

Your tires should be checked for tread wear and be replaced if deemed necessary by a qualified auto expert. Our tire center can perform a tire evaluation. We provide trusted brands, including Pirelle, Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone just to list a few. Whether you drive a 2017 BMW 3 series, a 2017 BMW X5, or a 2017 BMW M6, we can determine the best set of tires.

Aside from improving traction under wet roads, we also have tire styles that improve rolling resistance, acoustics, stability, and tread life. Tires also impact the car's load and speed ratings. In any case, we can make an evaluation to find the right tires for your specific driving preference.

That is not all, though. From now until December 31, visitors can get a $70 rebate with the purchase of a set of four Pirelli or Bridgestone tires.

Visit BMW of Asheville today for general servicing or for a tire upgrade. If you are dropping by to look up our pre-owned models, then speak with a used BMW dealer near Waynesville, NC. Stop by before the end of the year to acquire an additional BMW car for your garage or service an existing model.

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