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The 2013 BMW X5 will conquer winter driving with ease


Winter is an amazing season... if you have the right gear to conquer it.  This means a warm coat and waterproof boots, and it also means a car that will keep you safe while driving on roads that have been plagued by a winter storm.  The 2013 BMW X5 is the perfect vehicle to achieve this.  The 2013 BMW X5 handles well on slippery roads.  Furthermore, it gives you, the driver, a commanding view of the road.  With the 2013 BMW X5, winter driving will no longer intimidate you.


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Get a great deal on a 2013 BMW now


Our BMW dealership, BMW of Asheville, is quickly filing up with the latest 2014 BMW model years vehicles.  These vehicles are shiny, new and impressive.  But, you can still get a great dealer on a 2013 BMW model, such as a 2013 BMW 3 Series.  See, we need space for the many 2014 BMW vehicles appearing at our dealership, and in order to make way for these exciting new models, we're looking to send the 2013 BMW cars on their way to good homes.

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BMW of Asheville welcomes the brand new BMW 4 Series

As if the lineup of BMW vehicles on our BMW car dealer lot was not already impressive enough, BMW engineers set out to give BMW drivers even more to love by adding a brand new model to the BMW lineup.  We told you about the coming BMW 4 Series a few weeks ago.  Now, at BMW of Asheville, we are pleased and proud to officially welcome the brand new, 2014 BMW 4 Series to our BMW car dealer lot.  

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