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BMW Unveils ReachNow Car-Sharing Program

BMW has just released a new car-sharing program in Seattle and Portland known as ReachNow. The program is kind of similar to Uber, except the person needing a lift also assumes the role of driver.

So, how does it work? ReachNow was introduced back in April in a Seattle Airport. Essentially, people can rent a car from the BMW 3 series or BMW 5 series lineup, drive it to the airport, leave the car at…
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New BMW 5 GT Spotted with Hydrogen Fuel Cell

More auto brands are investing in hybrid technology. For the German automaker, the BMW i series marks the brand's beloved electric model. The company is also diving further into the hybrid market by investing in hydrogen fuel cells.

A BMW 5 GT with a hydrogen fuel cell was tested last year at a facility in France. The vehicle was equipped with a high-voltage battery and 245 hp electric motor, similar to those used for…
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2017 BMW 4 Series to Get Its First Mid-Cycle Refresh

The BMW 4 series has been out for three years now, and the 2017 model will be the first to get a mid-cycle refresh. For the most part, the changes are limited to the exterior and under the hood.

The latest spy photos show a redesigned rear and front bumper. Headlights and taillights have also been modified. Some trims will also include modified air intake surrounds and a lower lip chin spoiler.

Nothing has been…
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BMW M3 Celebrates 30 Years with Limited-Edition Model

The BMW M3 is 30 years old, and in honor of the car's 30 decades of excellence, the German automaker will be releasing a limited-edition model.

The special edition is called the BMW 30 Jahre M3, which is German for BMW 30 Years M3. Only 500 of these will be released. Of those, only 150 will make its way to the U.S. This edition will have a few upgrades, including a bump to…

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